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Raising Money For  Animals Since 2010
This is Animals Anonymous Relief  Fund   My name is  Tony Richards and I am the founder of  A.A.R.F.and I want to thank you for taking  the time to read this. I also want to thank our members who have donated their hard earned money over the past couple of years. You are making a HUGE difference to the animals who are Hungry Homeless and Hurting....     We raise money anonymously for healthy and treatable animals. We use member donated money to help those animals and people who love them get to the next level of comfort for their recovery. We hope you will join us and donate what you can for the cause.   We take 100% of your donation and send it to an animal or animal relief in need. We do not spend your donation on promotions, or supplies or electricity bills or office space or high priced lawyers or magazine articles and agents like the big corporate animal non profits do. We take all of you money and scout for the best cause that brings the most bang for your buck because we feel like you do about animals. We long to see change in a system that legally abuses animals and calls it animal control. Until that day we ask that you help us to help the homeless, helpless innocent animals that are at the mercy of a self centered society hell bent on gaining for itself at the expense of God’s creatures. And little thought is given to it in that merciless process.          Our Admins and Board Members Jean McKenna  Treasurer Melissa Crampton  Vice President Tony Richards  President  We have many volunteers who prefer  anonymity - we are proud of them EIN:27-2678046 Animals Anonymous Relief Fund is a tax exempt non profit charitable  501(c)(3) - Contributions to us are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue  Please keep in mind that this publication is the very first one of it’s kind for aarf.  I will be passing it off to someone with more artistic talent so it may change in appearance.
    2012 - NOV  North Shore Animal League America $300     2012 - OCT     2012 - SEP     2012 - AUG Fact-Fight-Animal-Cruelty $350     2012 - JUL     2012 - JUN $250 - Red Gate Farm Rescue -     2012 - MAY $400 - American Anti-Vivisection Society     2012- APR     2012 - MAR $500 - The PAW Project 501C3     2012 - FEB $350 - Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue 501 C 3     2012 - JAN $500 - SNACSPAYNEUTER
We Need Your Help - 100% of your donation goes to animal relief!!!!! We are not a corporate “relief” fund .. we don’t have overhead each month... we do not retain lawyers, or actors to spread the message ... we are supported by membership donation and word of mouth. Your donation is tax deductible so please dig in and help us to help those who are struggling to save animals. Your $$$ make the difference for so many ...
Here are some of the places you have helped:
AARF RAdio LLC AARF 501 C3 facebook page AARF Facebook Group Page
1/17/13 Donation amount: $500.00 USD Purpose: Battle Mountain Humane
1/22/13 Donation amount:  $300.00 USD Total:  $300.00 USD Purpose:  Redgate Pallets for pooches
501 (c) 3
    2011 - DEC     Saving Paws Animal Rescue - $200     2011 - DEC     Fairy DogParents - $500     2011 - NOV     2011 - SEP    The Milton Project - $300 (in memory of Squeak     2011 - AUG     2011 - JUL     The Milton Project - $250     2011 - JUN     Joplin Humane Society - $500     2011 - MAY   Red Gate Farm REscue - $1000     2011 - APR    SoCo Rescue - $500     2011 - MAR   Coastal Pet Rescue - $300     2011 - FEB     The World's Greatest Cathouse $200     2011 - JAN    Humane Society of Greater Savannah - $200
2010 - DEC  Red Gate Farm Rescue - $200                       Saving Furry Friends, Inc. - $200                      Southern Siberian Rescue - $200 2010 - NOV    Fiona Rescue WhiteBluff Vet.- $300.00 2010 - OCT    Million PInes Animal Rescue - $200 2010 - SEPT  The Milton Project - $200                       Coastal Pet Rescue - $200 2010 - AUG   The Milton Project - $100                       Coastal Pet Rescue - $100 2010 - JUL     Cat House on the Hill - $75
7/14/13 Puffy Paws Kitty Haven 501 (c) 3 $250